The government of the Czech Republic has approved a pilot project to significantly simplify and fasten a process for applying for a Czech visa for Ukrainian engineers, technical specialists and IT specialists.

The project called "Special procedures for highly skilled professionals from Ukraine" will simplify and speed up the administrative process at embassies.

The main benefits is quick and efficient fast-track procedure for applicants for Employee Cards and Blue Cards. Applicants are not required to book an appointment via the standard consular appointment system. The administrative process will be kept as simple and efficient as possible. 

In the first phase of the program will be taken by highly qualified specialists in the country there is an obvious shortage. In this case, the Ukrainians will be able to apply only for those jobs offered in the labour market for more than 30 days and which will not be the interest of the Czech candidates. The annual quota will not exceed 500 applicants.  

The professional must visit the competent Czech embassy or consulate on a fixed date to present a completed application, his/her travel document and photograph, and all required supporting documents. Companies need to gain a letter of recommendation from Czech business association and register vacancy in the Labour Office register.

The project may eventually be expanded also in Uzbekistan and Mongolia.