Program dEscription

This program will help you to find stable IT job in the Czech Republic, get a full support while job searching, relocation and adaptation in this beautiful and prospering country.  


Process and timing

1. Apply for IT Relocation Program

We would like to understand you and your motivation. CV is just not enough.
To apply for IT Relocation Program please submit application below.  

After you apply for the program, we will review your profile and contact you if there will be a need to add any missing info. If your profile is fitting to any open positions that we have, we will let you know and inform you about our next move.

2. Do Home work and pass the interview

Some companies like to make candidates do homework and other not. It really depends on individual approaches of HR specialists and Project Leaders, that are responsible for hiring. In any case, if those people liked your Profile, we will immediately contact you and explain next steps which have to be done to get to the interview. We also provide you with all necessary information, that can help you successfully pass the interview. If you miss any information or you are not sure about what is going to happen while interviewing in the concrete company, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for consultation. 

3. Agree on the offer

If you were chosen, we will provide you with an offer from the company. We will also it to you in the context of the Czech laws and market prices, so you could understand what is the real value of the offer, that you get, in comparison with other countries. 

If you agree on it with the company, we will start to prepare employment contract and other documents for you long term stay application and working permission. 

4. Apply for the long term stay(visa) and working permission

After we will send you all documents from Prague, and you will have prepared other documents you can apply for the long term stay and working permission on the on of the embassy in your mature country. 

5. Came to prague

Congratulations! Probably, on this step you already have visa in you passport and all you need is to pack your stuff and came to Prague, where we can meet you and help you to transfer you to your new place to live and also orient in the city. 

In the next days we will show you the company where you are going to work. At this point your new pass is starting. If you would like we can provide you with any further help connected with government, services, finances, transport etc. We are always ready to help you, so don't be afraid that live in another country would be a problem. 

It's a new challenge and also a big adventure! So, enjoy it :) 

p.s. Believe me... I came from Russia to Prague more than ten years ago, and I swear - the Czech Republic is a great country to live and grow you children. Build you "base" here and then all doors to Europe are open.  

Anton Titov (Founder of Top Expats)