Program dEscription

This program brings you an opportunity to get a stable job with good financial rewards* in our partner's modern and well-equipped clinics in the Czech Republic. On this pass program provides dentists with a full support while relocation, approbation exam and practice. The program has four selection rounds, Medical Approbation Exam and 5-10 months of practice in our partner's clinics. This program is preferably for English-speaking dentists.



Program conditions and timing



First selection round
Applying for Dental Relocation Program

We would like to know you and understand your motivation. To apply for Dental Relocation Program please submit the application below. 
Submitting closes 15.05.2016


If you want to know more about financial estimations for relocation program, please write to

second SELECTION round
Interview with the chosen candidates

50 dentists from applicants will be chosen for interviews that will take place online from 15.05.2016 till 15.06.2016 via Skype.


third SELECTION round:
Personal acquaintance in dental clinic in the Czech Republic

15 dentists will be chosen for personal acquaintance in clinic, where we would like to see you at real work. Acquaintances will take place from 15.06.2016 till 30.06.2016.

Everyone from 15 dentists, that came to the Czech Republic, has a chance to get a place in a program in case if he/she successfully proof his/her knowledge and skills. For those who successfully proceed the 3rd selection round we will cover their traveling costs. 


Next step is up to us. We will prepare working permissions and visas for succeeded applicants in the 3rd selection round, that will come to Prague approximately in two and half month to pass the 4th selection round of Dental Relocation Program. See below. 


forth SELECTION round
Written part of approbation exam

First and second part of approbations exams are written tests, that control your medical expertise and the foundations of the legal system in the Czech Republic. Tests take place from 17.10.2016 till 6.11.2016 in one day and could be passed in you mature language (for example Russian). Minimum percentage success of each test is 70%, otherwise, you do not pass the exam and you couldn't start practice in the Czech Republic. Read more about Approbation exam and preparation courses here.  


Next step is a Work in our partnering clinics

After successful passing the first and second part of approbation exam we will provide you with a working place in one of our dental clinics. It means that the next five-ten months of the scope of the weekly working time you will get practice on the position of assistant under professional supervision. During practice you will learn Czech language and establish five case studies from which one will be chosen to oral defense in the last part of the Approbation exam, which is Oral Exam in the Czech language. 


Last step on your way to become certified dentist

This part of exam is an oral defense of one of your case studies, that will verify expertise and your ability to express yourself in the Czech language.

After passing the last part of Approbation exam and registration in the Czech Dental Chamber you became certified dentist having a stable job in one of our partnering clinics in the Czech Republic. Welcome to the Family :) 

If you want to know more about financial estimations for relocation program, please write to

*Monthly salary for our dentists in the Czech Republic is from 1'100 to 2'600 EUR
+ potential to buy out a share of the clinic.